David Koester

Department of Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Office Bunnell 307B; tel. 907-474-7133
Office Hours Mondays 2-4 pm
On leave 2016 - Research Fellow at LE STUDIUM, Tours, France

Courses - Past and Present
Research Projects
245 - Culture and Global Issues
610 - Northern Indigenous Peoples and Contemporary Issues

Publications and Presentations


472/672 Culture and History in the North Atlantic
Itelmen Language Documentation
629 - Structures of Anthropological Argument 2012

book: Церковь, вера и современная жизнь...
copies available on request

North Pacific Collaborative and Comparative Research
693 - Life History Research in Anthropology
conference papers, invited talks, etc.
NEWREL and the BOREAS program
470/670 - Oral Sources
unpublished translations
Kamchatka Ethnographic-Ecological Expedition 1993-94
Programs, committees, etc.
book reviews, reports
Harriman Expedition
Graduate Studies

Waldemar Jochelson unpublished manuscript "The Kamchadals"
(from NYPL)
pdf ( 747kb) :: MS Word (372kb)

Workshop to Coordinate Social and Environmental Research in Kamchatka 1997
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e-mail: dckoester [AT] alaska.edu